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Lawrence A. Vaincourt


Larry Vaincourt has been published across Canada and the United States. His published volumes of prose and poetry include Rhymes and Reflections, Don’t Burn the Biffy, and Just a Common Soldier and Other Poems. Born in upstate New York, Vaincourt grew up as a farm boy in the rural setting of Covey Hill, Quebec, where he lived until he joined the Air Force in World War II as a Leading Aircraftsman. After serving as an aircraft mechanic and part-time entertainer, he returned to Quebec in 1946. He had a varied career, including working as a logger, news photographer (ABC News Pictures), civil servant, metallurgical photographer, and regular columnist for the Lachute Watchman.

Books by Lawrence A. Vaincourt

Biffy_small Don't Burn the Biffy


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New York

April 20, 2009