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Sherwin Tjia


Sherwin Sullivan Tjia is a Montreal-based writer and illustrator who has written nine books. The World is a Heartbreaker, a collection of 1600 pseudohaikus, was a finalist for the Quebec Writer’s Federation’s A.M. Klein Poetry Award. The Hipless Boy, a collection of short, interconnected stories told in graphic novel form, was a finalist for the Doug Wright Award in the Best Emerging Talent category, and also nominated for 4 Ignatz Awards. His invention, The E-Z-Purr: The Virtual Cat! (an album with over an hour of cats purring) is available on the iTunes music store and its proceeds go to local cat shelters and adoption programs.

In his spare time, he organizes Slowdance Nights, Love Letter Reading Open Mics, Crowd Karaoke singalongs, and Strip Spelling Bees in and around Montreal and Toronto as Chat Perdu Productions. Occasionally, he tours these events internationally to various art and literary festivals.

Books by Sherwin Tjia

1552451534 The World is a Heartbreaker

1-894663-13-6 Gentle Fictions