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Robert Edison Sandiford


Born in Montreal to Barbadian parents, Robert Edison Sandiford is a short story writer, graphic novelist, novelist, and freelance editor. His books include the award-winning novel And Sometimes They Fly (DC Books, 2013), the story collection Fairfield: The Last Sad Stories of G. Brandon Sisnett (DC Books, 2015), the memoir Sand for Snow: A Caribbean-Canadian Chronicle (DC Books, 2003), and the graphic novel Attractive Forces (NBM, 1997). His story collection The Tree of Youth (DC Books, 2005) was shortlisted (Second Place) for the Frank Collymore Literary Award and won Barbados’ Governor- General’s Award of Excellence in Literary Arts. Robert teaches research methods part-time at Barbados Community College, and has produced documentaries and animated shorts with Warm Water Productions. He founded in 2003 the publishing company ArtsEtc Inc. (www.artsetcbarbados.com) with the poet Linda M. Deane; among their titles is the groundbreaking Shouts from the Outfield: The ArtsEtc Cricket Anthology (AE Books, 2007). Appreciative of both sand and snow, Robert still calls Canada and Barbados home.

Books by Robert Edison Sandiford

Fairfield_cover Fairfield

Winter Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall



June 11, 1968

Montreal, QC