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Maya Merrick


Maya Merrick was born in North Vancouver, B.C., in 1974. She moved to Montreal in 1994, and flirted briefly with higher education before she dropped out to wander aimlessly for a number of years. Finding a life of warehouse labour and cash register punching somewhat unfulfilling, she turned to bartending and writing as more enjoyable pursuits. Since publishing her first novel she has been an invited guest at Word on the Street and Canzine in Toronto, The Helen Pitt Gallery in Vancouver, and The Pilot in Montreal. Her work has appeared in Geist, Matrix, and an excerpt from her novel The Hole Show appeared in The Portable Conundrum.

Books by Maya Merrick

Merrick-holecover The Hole Show

Sextant Sextant (French translation)

Sextant_cover Sextant



October 01, 1974

North Vancouver, B.C