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Louise Penny


Louise Penny is a former award-winning journalist with CBC radio, hosting live current affairs programmes. After having lived and worked in many parts of the country, Louise settled in Montreal. She left her job with CBC to write and now lives in Sutton, Quebec with her husband Michael and their dogs.

Books by Louise Penny

Book_no_anim Still Life

Murderstone_book_lrge_bookp The Murder Stone

French_stilllife_cov_lrg En plein cœur

Defense_de_tuer_portrait.1323807629 Défense de tuer

Agreatreckoning A Great Reckoning

Lebeaumystere_portrait1386875997 Le beau mystère

Ach003717208.1438228507.320x320 Un long retour



July 01, 1958

Toronto, Ontario