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Rana Bose


Rana Bose was a multilingual writer, playwright, poet and dramaturge, with eleven plays written and staged and over twenty years of involvement in theatre and production work. He published four novels, including Fog (2019), winner of The Miramichi Reader’s 2019 Best Canadian Fiction Award. Rana Bose was born in Kolkata, India, completed his engineering studies at Washington University, and moved to Montreal in the 1970s. He was the founding editor of Montreal Serai.

Books by Rana Bose

9781771862950-shaf-low-res-663x1024 Shaf and the Remington

Fourthcanvascover The Fourth Canvas

342 Recovering Rude

Fog_-_rana_bose Fog


Kolkata, India

May 10, 2023