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Byron Ayanoglu


Fluent in five languages, a graduate of McGill University, widely travelled Byron Ayanoglu is the author of 12 books: fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks and restaurant guides as well as 14 stage plays, including Ordinaryman. He has worked in film and TV, including co-host of Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations, Greek Islands Episode, 2008, host of Roadside Restaurants, a 90-minute restaurant cooking show for PBS, 1997. He is also the writer and producer of Faces of Myth (2004), Mimetoliths (2006), Shapeshifter (2007), and MasterClass with Walter Lassally (2008).

Books by Byron Ayanoglu

Atravelerstale A Traveler's Tale

Ayanoglu_crete110 Crete on the Half Shell