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Marianne Ackerman


Marianne Ackerman is a novelist, playwright, screenwriter and journalist. She is also the co-founder of Montreal’s THEATRE 1774. Her film credits include directing and writing the docudrama White Brush Red Wine Death in a Paris Café, for the Bravo Arts and Entertainment channel, shown on TéléQuébec and at festivals in Montreal and Paris. She also wrote episodes of The Hunger for the American network Showtime. Her novels include the best-selling Matters of Hart, and Piers’ Desire. An award-winning journalist, Ackerman writes for several Canadian and British publications. She also hosts a writers’ workshop each summer in Provence, France. The workshop is a collaboration with Montreal playwright Kent Stetson. She lives in Montreal with her husband, Gwyn Campbell.

Books by Marianne Ackerman

10455595 Jump

Matters_of_hart Matters of Hart

Piers Piers’ Desire

9781771830720_large Mankind and Other Stories of Women




Belleville, Ontario