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Ray Smith


Ray Smith is from Inverness, Cape Breton Island, and largely grew up in Halifax. He received a B.A. in English from Dalhousie University (1963) and an M.A. from Concordia University (1985). From 1968 to 2007 he lived in Montreal and taught at Dawson College. Smith is viewed as a post-modernist writer of speculative fictions. His works include: Cape Breton Is the Thought Control Centre of Canada (1969), Lord Nelson Tavern (1974), Century (1986) and A Night at the Opera, which won the QSPELL Hugh MacLennan Award for Best Novel of 1992.

Books by Ray Smith


0889841373.01._sclzzzzzzz_ Night at the Opera, A

0889842450 Man Who Hated Emily Bronte, The

Flush_1_ The Flush of Victory




Inverness, Cape Breton Island