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Carolyn Zonailo

photograph by Stephen Morrissey

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Carolyn Zonailo attended Scripps College, in Claremont, California; and the University of Rochester, New York, where she published poems in student literary magazines and studied with classics scholar, Norman O. Brown (author of Love’s Body and Life Against Death). She received her B.A. in literature from the University of British Columbia (1971) and M.A. from Simon Fraser University (1980).

During her life, Zonailo has maintained an interest in mythology, archetypal studies, and Jungian psychology. Her poetic vision encompasses a personal and feminist viewpoint together with that of a mythic and universal perspective.

Books by Carolyn Zonailo

Cover_-_carolyn_zonailo_-_the_moon_with_mars Moon With Mars in Her Arms, The

The Holy Hours

Goddess_in_the_garden The Goddess in the Garden

Memory_house Memory House

Natures_grace Nature's Grace

Wading the Trout River

The_taste_of_giving The Taste of Giving