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Carolyn Zonailo

photograph by Stephen Morrissey

Born in Vancouver, Carolyn Zonailo attended Scripps College in Claremont, California, and the University of Rochester, New York. In 1977 she founded Caitlin Press, which she ran with Cathy Ford and Ingrid Klassen, and then on her own until the press was sold and relocated to northern British Columbia. Her published work includes The Wide Arable Land, Zen Forest, The Taste of Giving: New & Selected Poems, and Memory House. Since 1992, Zonailo has lived in Quebec, with Montreal-born poet Stephen Morrissey, whom she married in 1995 and with whom she founded Coracle Press.

Books by Carolyn Zonailo

Memory_house Memory House

Wading the Trout River

Natures_grace Nature's Grace

The_taste_of_giving The Taste of Giving

Goddess_in_the_garden The Goddess in the Garden

The Holy Hours

Cover_-_carolyn_zonailo_-_the_moon_with_mars Moon With Mars in Her Arms, The