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Keith Henderson


Keith Henderson was born in Montreal. Educated at McGill, Concordia, and the University of Toronto, He teaches English at Vanier College, where for many years he served as English Department Coordinator and Chairman of Academic Council. He was elected leader of Quebec’s Equality Party in 1993. He was an intervener in the historic 1998 Supreme Court of Canada decision on unilateral declarations of independence. Henderson has been Quebec Affairs columnist for the Financial Post, and his published works include The Restoration, The Beekeeper, and a collection of political essays entitled Staying Canadian: the Struggle against UDI. His collection of short stories The Pagan Nuptials of Julia appeared in 2005.

Books by Keith Henderson

0919688217.kh Beekeeper, The

Restoration, The

0919688985 Pagan Nuptials of Julia, The

Roof-walkers-lite The Roof Walkers

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