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Mary Meigs


Mary Meigs was an American-born painter and writer.

Meigs studied and taught at Bryn Mawr College. She served in the WAVES corps in WWII, and subsequently held her first art show in New York City in 1950.

Meigs met author Barbara Deming in 1954. Deming and Meigs became a couple and moved to Wellfleet, Massachusetts, where they joined a Cape Cod artistic circle that included abstract painter Mark Rothko, critic Edmund Wilson, and writer Mary McCarthy. In 1963, Wilson introduced Meigs to Marie-Claire Blais, a writer from Quebec who became romantically involved with Meigs and Deming. The three women lived together for six years. Meigs and Deming drifted apart, and in 1972 Meigs and Blais moved to Brittany. The couple subsequently returned to Montreal in 1976, where Meigs spent the remainder of her life.

Books by Mary Meigs

0889222940.01._sclzzzzzzz_ In The Company of Strangers

April 27, 1917

Philadelphia, PA, USA

November 15, 2002