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Edward O. Phillips


Edward O. Phillips was born in Montreal and studied at McGill, Université de Montréal, Harvard, and Boston University. After teaching in both public and private schools, he embarked on a brief, undistinguished career as a painter. After he had sold pintings to his family and friends, he tried his hand at writing fiction. Phillips’s first novel, Sunday’s Child, was published to extraordinary acclaim in 1981. His short stories have appeared in many Canadian magazines, and one, called Matthew and Chauncey, has been produced as a French TV film. Phillips won the Arthur Ellis Award for the novel Buried on Sunday.

Books by Edward O. Phillips

Amonthofsundays A Month of Sundays

41o5vkugtkl._ss500_ Queen's Court

1896332188 A Voyage On Sunday

1896332099 Working on Sunday

1896332056 Mice Will Play, The

Hope Springs Eternal

1896332129.01._sclzzzzzzz_ Buried on Sunday

Landlady's Niece, The

Sunday Best



November 26, 1931