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Dennis Denisoff


Dennis Denisoff completed a PhD at McGill University and a postdoctoral fellowship at Princeton University, and is currently McFarlin Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture at the University of Tulsa. His research specialties include gender/sexuality studies, decadence/aestheticism, and eco-paganism.

He was an early member of The Kootenay School of Writing in the 1980s, writing poetry and prose at the intersection of queer identity and poetics. A runner-up in the Three-Day Novel Contest in 1989,1 Denisoff’s debut novel Dog Years was published in 1991 by Arsenal Pulp Press while he was a Ph.D. student at McGill University. The novel, about a protagonist with HIV/AIDS, was a finalist for the Hugh Maclennan Prize in 1992 and the Norma Epstein Award.

Books by Dennis Denisoff

0889782342_dogyears Dog Years