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Mary Soderstrom

Anne Richard

Mary Soderstrom is the author of five books of non-fiction, three story collections, five novels and a children’s book. Her stories have appeared in such publications as Queen’s Quarterly, the North American Review and Fiddlehead, and she has been short-listed for the Quebec Writers’ Federation Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction, the Books in Canada First Novel Award, and, most recently, POP Montreal and Matrix Magazine’s 2012 LitPOP award.

Books by Mary Soderstrom

Nelson Words On the Wall, The

Endangered Species

Finding the Enemy

1550025090 After Surfing Ocean Beach

P16aut00blivre L'autre ennemi

406 Green City

Usambara The Violets of Usambara

Walkable The Walkable City

Port Making Waves: The Portuguese Adventure

Desire_lines Desire Lines

Rivermusic River Music

Road_through_time Road Through Time



November 08, 1942

Walla Walla, Washington, U.S.