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Maria F. Guzzo

Maria Farella Guzzo, is
Vice President of Community Affairs at Cinemas
Guzzo, co-founder of the Notte in Bianco fundraising event benefiting child mental health, author of How to Train your Dreams, a children’s
book on child mental health, and a Masters student at McGill University, in the department of Psychiatry specializing in child/youth mental health, where her research focuses on expressive writing and school-based mental health programs and intervention implementation.

Maria decided to write a children’s book How to Train your Dreams as her interest in child mental health evolved through her philanthropy. Her philanthropic transition from environment cancer research to child mental health research evolved in the last few years.

Aware of the Kids Write Network (KWN), Maria decided to adopt the 6-step concept as she was completing her manuscript to better understand this process.

Books by Maria F. Guzzo

Howtotrainyourdreams How to Train Your Dreams