This database represents the QWF Collection, a physical collection of 1832 books assembled mostly during the last ten years. The books are housed by one of our partners in this venture, the Atwater Library and Computer Centre of Montreal, Quebec.

From the heart of French Quebec, the Quebec Writer’s Federation (QWF) presents the work of our English-language literary community. It’s a lively place to be. As you’ll see, our best authors have become household names, and the best of our books are known throughout Canada and the world.

So please take a look and find out what we’ve been up to.

You can search the database by author, by title, or by genre. You can also find out which books were selected as winners of our QWF Awards for literary excellence. In the Authors section you can look through the work of Terence Byrnes, a writer/photographer who created many of the portraits you’ll see.

Background on the database